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Life's smooth with Toughlives.com

Facing a tough phase in your life? Toughlives.com presents you with the intriguing news and facts from across the world which offers you the willingness of people struggling to achieve in life. This site provides you great news, short story collection which provides value to life, articles and inspired stories of men and women from parts of the world which causes you to fully understand what life is about and make it easier to get through your tough life and live it to probably the fullest. You might sense that the points around you will get a little better to face, after reading through the contents of this particular site.

What is in Toughlives.com?

It's apparent that this particular website does not provide the actual political or perhaps general or social news from around the globe, but only news content that helps you with the daily life of yours. There are many content types, which this website provides its visitors. With the range of subject areas not pertaining to some limits, it covers broad dimensions. Some of them are here as follows:

Financial aspects of the planet: 

Understand finances as well as the financial terms from all over the world in this site. It's a glossary that contains the financial abbreviations, terms and the meanings of theirs in the alphabetical order from A to Z.

Being one of the eye catching functions of the site, it presents true life stories of which one is based on how a female gave a breakthrough in contemporary life to Choose adding color and paint colors to life. What's life without our preferred colors that presents our emotions?

Travelling is actually an intensive part of everyone's life. Exactly who wouldn't like to travel? Wilderness camping articles are provided to you here that are based on the travel areas that can certainly not be reached using regular means. It's not located near any residential or even living elements of the country. It's to be reached only by boat or foot.

Taking a rest, at times is very essential for everyone. Leadership vacation is a thing that the majority of individuals crave for. When your job is monotonous and you most certainly need a break, just take it without second thoughts as it moulds and shapes you for working better in the future. It offers you the space to relax. And so, just take a rest and jump into the pool.

Last but not least, this website also presents probably the most essential need of the hour - LGBT transformation articles and stories. The Transformation stories given in this site work as a boon for Lesbian, Gay; Transgender and bisexual persons who tend to hide themselves from around the world. This provides the motivation for them to stand in front of the planet and face it without any fear or second thoughts.


Upon analyzing the articles in that website, you get a clear snapshot of what the world is and experience it with guts and courage. It's truly to be accepted that nothing gives you the best inspiration than seeing another person confronting the individuals that involve them confidently, with the same issues and suffering as you. All of it finally lies in your mindset and perspective.